What are Blessings?

When times are tough and in times of joy, we all can benefit from the blessings of those around us.

When life brings us challenge after challenge, the blessings of loved ones and strangers far and wide help us to find the energy to persevere.  Blessings remind us that we are not alone.  Blessings make a difference.

When life is joyful, we share our joy as a blessing and receive blessings from those who share in our joy.

Blessings establish connection, remind of us connection, and generate more connection.  Blessings are the expression of the web of life that weaves us all together in our trials and sorrows, in our joys and jubilations, in all of our experiences.

A Blessing, connected from the joy of my heart to the joy of your heart, sends an open-ended invitation to live your life in the energetic dance of the universe.  A Blessing is a sharing of the best of me with the best of you.

How to Sending Blessings

1.  Keep your thoughts for the other person open-ended. By this I mean you don’t want to send the idea of the exact solution to the problem.  We can’t know exactly what is in the highest expressions of someone else.   An exact idea is limited to our knowing only.  Let yourself off the hook of having to figure you out.  All you need to do is send your Blessing.

2.  Send your blessing in the form of a promise that the other person has the ability to find the best solution that fits their situation. Now you are sending out the energetic equivalent of “the best and the highest” without ANY limitations.

3.  Send your blessing in joy! Here’s how:

  • Feel at the center of your Being, your deepest joy, your deepest peace, your deepest knowing.
  • Focus your awareness toward the other person, and feel their deepest joy, peace and knowing.
  • Feel a connection of love and attention between your center and their center.
  • Within this connected energy flow, send your blessing.  For example, “May you find within your capacity to claim the best of who you are and who you are becoming!  May your obstacles be released.  May you find your heart’s desire moving toward you quickly and easily!  I stand witness to the amazing being you are!”

Receiving Blessings

Just as important as sending, is the receiving!

1.  When you are aware of someone sending you a blessing, receive the blessing through your center of being, connecting to the joy and love that will always come.  Allow all of the love and joy in, feeling how it lifts and supports you.  Feel the heart connection with the other person.  Also watch if there is any part of you that dodges the blessing and see if you can figure out why you try to avoid the joy and love coming toward you.

2.  In times of either great excitement or great disappointment, there is always blessings coming your way. Take a moment, feel into your center and follow your connection into All That Is and to the great love and joy available to you.  Feel along this connection for the many blessings sent there by people you know and don’t know, by beings named and unnamed, by the amazing universe we live in.  There is great joy for you if only you will allow it in.

Offering Blessings

1. If you or someone your know is experiencing a life situation in need of the power of Blessings, please let me know and I will post the information on this website.  Send me email at info@trine.com.  Use only first names and know that the situation can be one of either joy or sadness.  Blessings are of celebration and lift us up no what the situation.

2. Click on the Blessings category and offer Blessings to those who are listed. If you would like, you may offer your blessing in a reply to the posting.

3. Remember, to check in from time to time for yourself and receive the many blessings around you.

In Joy!